Drybecks Wood Cabins 

Whilst Camping Pods have become increasingly popular on many sites around the country, at Drybeck we feel they are rather uniform and homogenous.  However as a structure Camping pods are very functional and effective.   So we have now put our own quirky and characterful twist on the Camping Pod idea with our own pods, or "Drybeck’s Quirky Cabins” as we call them. Built locally we think you will love them!

The Wigloo is the first of our takes on the Camping Pod concept. Looking a bit like a wooden igloo we have christened it the 'Wigloo'. It is similar in size and style to a yurt and with a circular skylight in the middle of the roof. However it is more substantial and better insulated.

It contains a double bed, wood burning stove, table and chairs and a fully equipped kitcinette with a double hob, mini oven, fridge, running water and all necessary crockery and utensils. Whilst being ideal for a couple, it is possible to put in extra bedding for 1 or 2 younger children.



The Lantern House 

The Lantern House is the second of our takes on the Camping Pod concept. This is larger than the Wigloo, sleeping up to 4 and looks a bit like, we think, a traditional lantern, hence the name. Similar in size and shape to a Yurt with a large central skylight it is very light and airy. It contains a double bed, wood burning stove, double futon and fully equipped kitchen area.

However many think that The Lantern House’s truly unique feature lies outside where we have converted a beautiful big old German bathing tub into a 600 litre wood burning hot tub. Standing under its own Gazebo style structure with a fire pit, barbecue and outdoor seating close at hand it’s a great place to have fun and a relaxing time together.

The Lantern House also has its own private compost loo just behind it saving a trek across the site to the communal loos. Again we have recycled reclaimed items to make even a trip to the loo a unique experience.

This is Ideal for either a couple a family or group of friends, It is especially suited to those wanting more privacy as it is quite a distance from Drybeck’s other accommodation.