Winter Joys

Glamping in Winter!

In my first blog about our particular take on the Glamping experience (Our take on the glamping movement) one of the themes I looked at was our  innate instinct to create comfort for ourselves even, if not more so, in challenging settings.  

With our Glamping experiences at Drybeck we are now entering the most challenging time of the year in terms of weather and ensuring our comfort. However from these more challenging conditions can come some glorious moments (remember it is glorious and not glamourous that puts the “Gl” in our Glamping experience).  The stunning Cumbrian countryside whilst lush and green in the summer also has its charms and attractions in the winter.  A frosty morning,  a bracing wind, falling snow, even blustery showers of rain from an overcast sky can all be experienced as special wonderful moments.

These encounters with nature at its most raw are etched all the more in the memory when shared with loved ones and when we can turn to some simple comforts when we ‘come in from the cold’.  This might be a crackling fire, a mug of hot chocolate,  curling up under soft duvets wrapped in a woollen blanket or the flickering of a candle in a window.  I think winter, more than any other time of year, gives us the opportunity to experience these moments where a simple comfort or gesture  helps create an uplifting of the spirit.  It is the contrast between these simplest of pleasures and comforts with the harshness of nature outside that helps us to turn apparently ordinary acts into extraordinary moments.

This act of using such simple pleasures and comforts to raise spirits and create moments of joy between loved ones is known in Denmark as Hygge.  Another meaning of this is “the art of creating intimacy and feelings”.  This came to mean so much for the Danes to help them through long dark, cold winters. These small rituals and gestures created precious moments of difference through the days and months of potential sameness and boredom.  There is no single easy definition of Hygge in English.  However words such as cosiness,  charm, happiness, ‘contentment’, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simplicity can all catch up something of it’s essence.

So appropriating this idea from the Danes tells us that enjoyment of the simple pleasures of a winter Glamping trip can come very much from within ourselves, our own imaginations and openness to such simple joys.  Here at Drybeck we have helped  this along by adding a few extras especially for winter time:  plenty of warm extra blankets and throws, supplementary electric heaters to back up the wood burning stoves and hot water bottles.  

You will also find that as with many other accommodation providers our out of season winter prices are very appealing with up to nearly a third off some of our summer prices.  

So if you think you might enjoy a bit of winter Hygge, or as we might call it in Cumbria, cosiness, checkout some of the great deals we have on offer between now and late March; click here